Shimla Manali Tour Package : A Best Choce for Summer Vacations

Fed up of scorching heat of summer?

Wants to spend some days that escapes you from the day-to-day rush and serves you a blend of peace?

Then Shimla Manali tour is going to be a best option because you are planning to enter in a world that would let you to explore enthralling natural beauty.


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Shimla Manali Tour Package is one of the best options that preferably makes your summer holidays a wonderful experience for lifetime.

Why most travelers wish to celebrate summer vacations in Shimla Manali ?

The pleasant weather, numbers of adventure activities, series of tranquility, pollution free environment, away from sun’s red hot etc compels travelers to plan summer holiday packages in Shimla.

Why to choose Shimla Manali Tour Package ?

It always been a right choice to go with destinations like Shimla Manali with your loving one’s because offers splendid tour that can be remember years to years.

Shimla, being the capital of Himanchal Pradesh, is a prominent domestic and international tourist destination.

But without exploring Manali your trip cannot be called complete trip because Shimla to Manali distance is just 252.5 km and it will take maximum 6 hours to reach Manali from Shimla. Both destinations are well known for  all varieties of adventure sports like fishing, trekking, skiing and lots more that would make you feel the best.

Couple also plan for Shimla Manali Honeymoon Packages to relish the initial moments after their wedding. The best part in Shimla Manali tourism is they are under budget. Any traveler can afford the Shimla Manali packages.


The hotels in Shimla Manali are very cheap and luxurious.

Plan your Shimla Manali Tour Package as soon as possible as only few rooms are left. Avail this golden opportunity with Royal Rahi Travels group or you can directly visit one of its division .

Nainital Holiday Packages|Nainital Honeymoon Packages

Nainital commonly recognized as “Lake District of India” and is one of the most pleasing hill station in North India.This heavenly hill station is situated throughout the elegant lake or Naini lake.Many tales are connected with its name.One of them tell that the name Nainital derived from the name of Goddess Naina whereas one other tale says that when the Goddess Sati lost her eyes she was being taken away by Lord Shiva and then a lake was originated as it fully describes the incident that ‘Naina‘ stand for eyes and ‘Tal’ stand for lake.This is the place which is surrounded by seven hills that helps in making this tourist spot most attractive and ravishing.These magnificent hill ranges and shining water flows adds more charm to this tourist place.

Nainital is one of the tourist spot which attracts almost every kind of travelers.It was designed to benefit travelers that includes couples,friends,family, colleagues etc.The most demanding act on this hill station is boating.It really looks eyecatching when multi coloured boats floats on shimmering lakes.This location is best when you visit it in the month between May – September.Its weather is also very pleasing which magnetize couples to book their Nainital Honeymoon packages.It also serves trekking to those who loves recreational activities and that’s the reason of being on top amongst the best north India hill stations and force tourists too plan their Nainital Holiday Packages.


Nainital lake

Hill Stations in North India

India is such a beautiful country which hypnotize every tourists when they arrive India or if a tourist is from India only then surely that preson will always find India as a best place to start their trip.

There is no doubt in any destination of India because some places reveals its natural beauty,some tells history, some enhance knowledge and some give you perfect sight-seeing. But among all of them one part always attract tourists who wish to stay away from their daily routine crowd and search for the most peaceful destination just to keep them away from their distress pattern. These destinations are those which are covering most of the part of India – Hill Stations. The obvious thing is when we hear Hill station at the time when we are planning for a trip then that instant joy stays alive until we reach there and after reaching hill station we just forget everything and wish for the lifetime pause. Hill stations in India are among those nature blessed charms which has that power to change the entire mindset of a person. A person takes a feel of Heaven in Earth itself.

As discussed ,most of the part of India is surrounded by hill stations and because of its this reason many of the tourists spots are belongs to hilly.India’s hills are categorised as Hill Stations in North India and Hill Stations in South India but here i will explore the North India hill stations as they attract you the most because these hills covers snow capped mountains,lush green valleys,glittering waterfalls,dense forests and much more to excite a traveler.They are perfect and made to serve the best to every kind of tourists.

I am now continuing with the introduction of these dazzling hill stations which are truely remarkable. Starting with the one which is also known as the “Lake District of India” and visited by numbers of travelers in almost every season.This place is none other than Nainital which is located in Uttarakhand and loved by almost every traveler.Famous for its Naini lake. Now moving one destination ahead you find a destination which is famous as the summer capital of British and its immortal beauty attracts the honeymooners most.That destination is Shimla. Now come to Manali which is another mesmerizing and most appealing hill station.Travelers do lots of adventure activities there.The list stop here Mussoorie,Ranikhet,Lansdowne etc are too in a queue for their captivative and endless beauty.


Indian Hill Stations tour

Hill stations tour, a perfect trip to escapade the most appealing nature’s beauty.These destinations are the Zion for those who loves daring or can say recreational activities like paragliding,rafting,skiing,mountain biking etc.They offer blend of services for every kind of tourists.If there is a tourist who look for seclusion and retreatment then these landscapes bless them to fulfill their desires,if one wants to explore the picturesque beauty of hill areas then they have full access to traverse every single spot of that particular destination.One can rejuvenate their moments again and again if they have ever visited to Indian Hill stations which covers incredible view viz. Shimla,Manali,Nainital,Ooty,Coorg,Kausani,Kasauli,Ranikhet etc.


Hill Stations Tour Packages at affordable rates

Hill Stations tour is not out of budget anymore.Breathtaking hill stations are made to make you feel refreshed energetic. They make the holidays in Hill stations very memorable and adventurous.Hill stations tour packages allow couples to spend their honeymoon in Hill stations,family to spend their vacations together,friends to cherish the most beautiful days.
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Shimla-Manali Tour Packages

Shimla-Manali, the best destinations to spend holidays in summer season. Its a most visited and recommended tourist spot  which not only provide some relief from day to day rush and blazing heat of sun but also excited them with a perfect sight-seeing. Hill Stations Tour Packages now offering the best deals in Shimla-Manali Tour Packages.Plan your trip to make the most out of these summer holidays.