Awesome India Hill Stations Packages for Holidaymakers


India is so vast, that there is bound to be variety in the lay of the land. There is virtually every land form, and all sorts of land and water masses which are housed within India. Be it glaciers and snow capped mountains, forest lands, or even deserts, India has it all.Hill Stations have always had an appeal for everyone in India. It is also a very welcome respite for foreign travelers. Given the largely warm and humid climate that most of India enjoys, hill station Tours are extremely popular.

There are many ranges of hills and low mountains which offer extremely welcoming hill station holidays. The beauty of these hill stations is that no two places are like one another. Depending on where they are located and the lifestyle that is followed, the hill stations develop their own identities.

In the north, due to the presence of the lofty Himalayan Mountains, there are numerous hill stations. These include Shimla, Kulu and Manali. While there are many others included, these are the most prominent, and are frequented most. The cities themselves are simple, and the simplicity reflects in the life, locale and also the beauty of the hill station. These hill stations give you a chance to experience snowfall during the winter, and keep much cooler even through the summer. They make for ideal respite from the scorching summer sun.

In the west, the Western Ghats house some rather interesting hill stations. These are very close to major cities on the west coast, and are very easy to get to. These locations include Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar. Mount Abu in Rajasthan is another very popular hill station. These places do have a cooler climate than the rest of the plains, but do not experience any snowfall. They have abundant rainfall, and you can actually see some beautiful waterfalls forming during the monsoons.

In the south, the most common hill stations include Coorg and Ooty. Many other smaller hill stations like Kodaikanal and Nilgiri also make quaint, quiet holidays. Lots of the hill stations in south India have large coffee plantations, and have very interesting sights and touring options.

Hill station tours are excellent for people at any stage of life. It is a wonderful holiday to enjoy with friends, as there is plenty to do always. Honeymoon travel in the hills is highly recommended. You are sure to enjoy the quiet solitude and the slow pace of life. People traveling with families will also find these tours very useful, since it is completely unlike any other destination. The climate is better suited to travel with children, and the scenes are nothing you will find in routine life.

There is a lot of very plush accommodation available everywhere. You will find special resorts which are built in line with the culture and history of the hill station. Themes and special material used to build the hotels will make them stand out. There is so much to savor, right from the sights, to the culture and tradition, all the way to the food.

It is best to get the assistance of your India travel agent to help you book your hill station tour. He will be able to put together great packages along with the best accommodation to suit your needs and budget. Stop waiting and get going. Avail best Hill Stations Packages through this link.

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